The power of words.

We often underestimate the power of words and the impact it has on things. Most people stick by the saying, 'action speaks louder than words'. That's absolutely accurate but it doesn't mean that words are worthless.
If you look around you, you'll notice that not only is everyone using language, intelligence, intuition and sympathy to communicate and share the energy that they have, but, most actions are triggered by words. 

These past few days I felt hopeless. Trying hard previously apparently wasn't good enough. Even though I think I gave my best so far, it wasn't good enough. When I said what was on my mind to my mom, she raged. "Disappointed" was what she felt. I was shocked. I didn't expect her to lash out like that. Usually in movies, these kind of situation will result in the mother giving the daughter a sweet long ass pep talk; well that's bullshit. You see, my mom has high hopes on me. Out of all her children, she'd expect me to be on the most successful path. I guess I got too caught up in her expectation, that I didn't set an expectation for myself. Anyway, after some harsh words was being thrown in my face, something walked into the room - Motivation. Believe it or not. In the midst of the criticism, shouts and insults, I knew it was all out of unconditional love. That's why, at that time, I knew, I couldn't let her down. 

I know words are powerful. 
I know it can make or break someone. 
But when it finally had an impact on me, I truly now appreciate words more than ever. 

Be careful of your words, be sensible, real and reasonably nice. 

Peace out.


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