The Quarterback

Hats off to Ryan Murphy for such a heart felt episode. Also a huge round of applause to all the outstanding actors on glee, especially Santana, Puck, Finn's parents and of course, his other half, Rachel.

I can't tell you how long I've been anticipating for this episode. I've been waiting for that closure, that "proper" farewell to Finn. In light of Finn, that was definitely one of the best episodes in history of Glee.
I was particularly blown away by Santana's acting which didn't really come across as acting because it was incredibly real and her emotions really came through in the scene with her and Sue. What really got me was also Mr Schue and his shell cracking up, letting his emotions gush out on Finn's sweater. I mean.. how can I not cry along side him?

I picked up a few quotes from this episode that's ingrained in my head for some reason;
"Do you really wanna be on your deathbed thinking, ooh thank god no one knew I was kind"
"Have a nice line"
"It's not how he died. It's how he lived"

My only criticism is that it was short. I wanted more. I didn't want the whole closure to.. close. If that makes any sense. Nonetheless I'm actually genuinely really proud of the whole cast and how they brought justice to not only Finn, but Cory as well.

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