Wear and tear

This complex world that we live in,
our essence are assigned to a spectrum,
there's the extroverted, there's the introverted
they become different people along the way,
but they are always reverted

Never leave the house without momma,
or else the bad guys will getcha,
never trust a man except your poppa,
because all men are bad, he told ya.

Their body lived under one same roof,
their minds lived in a big digital spoof,
these precious minds we fooled into believing,
what's behind the screen is reality livin',
but the screen's reality is multifaceted boo,
so which reality are you gonna do?

now you're in your 20s, soul searchin',
you were so many things,
and now you are reduced but refined
empty but plenty
lost but found

the personalities that you have worn all this while,
is like a cheap pair of shoes
you buy em because you think they look good on you,
you buy em cheap because you're not equipped or ready for a big investment,
but they don't last long, do they?
after a while, it loses its shine and you stop wearing them to dine,
then it's left to rust in the corners of your vast cheap shoe cupboard

but you can't buy who you are, but you can give it value

don't try to be everybody,
start with being a body,
a full, capable body,
love it, invest in it, commit to it,
that's what makes a good long lasting shoe,
not a wear and tear


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