i kind of miss everyone?

Looking through some old photos and realizing how many people have walked out of my life. Those were the people who swore on their life they'd stay no matter what, but with a little hassle, they gave up and left. nonetheless, I have them who stayed. for years. those who saw me mature, those who has seen two sides of me, those who knew my dark secrets that I dare not tell now.
It's really saddening to think that people are bound to grow apart. You may think you can keep your bunch of friends with you forever, but let's face the truth, people aren't that nice. Why would they stay when they can have someone better? Why would they stay if you won't benefit them? Some may stay but never expect things to remain the same. throughout the years, you may stay the same but people and things will change.
they might argue otherwise - they might say that you've changed and things aren't working out. all you can do to make it all seem better that what is actually is, is accept the fact. accept the reality of life.

man did I lose a lot of "friends" over the years.


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