Searching for a sense of belonging that we lost our identity

Look, I'm a teenager just like you. I have friends who are teenagers just like you. I go through the same school bullcrap just like you. My parents have generally the same outlook on me just like yours. I read, watch, listen to the things that you do. But why do you try so hard to go out of your direction and go through hassles to only end up with regrets and embarrassments?

People are going around with their 'YOLO', 'So mainstream' perceptions that you just freaking lose every ounce of fun you can make of it. Why do some people have to push something so simple to an extreme limit just so you can go by the rule 'yolo'? Isn't yolo supposed to be about doing what you want and what makes you happy? If that's why you're doing what you're doing then I'm sorry - I just don't see it. It seems like people are forcing themselves to look cool and go by 'yolo' so can they can go along well with the society. It seems like people are okay with losing their logic to go by 'yolo'. Look, whatever kind of perception you have towards 'yolo', just make sure it's along the lines of doing things that make you happy. If it's forceful and it doesn't make you happy, then it's not yolo bro.

Not to mention this 'so mainstream' crap that has been going on. I get it, you want to be different, you want to be cool and make people think that you're so called "out of the box" because you do things differently. Honey, trying too hard to be something you're not is 1) Mainstream 2) Stupid. If doing the things I'm comfortable with doing and going along the lines that I feel happy with is mainstream, then let it be. But if you keep repeating "so mainstream" 5 times every 2.5 seconds, then that's just you being the boring, wannabe, buzz killer you are. Go, go and be a hipster and make your own group of hipsters... Only to find that you've molded yourself into something beyond mainstream.

Lastly - what is up with teenagers hurrying for a relationship? If you love that person, sure, go for it. But if you're hurrying into something just for the sake of your social scenery, then you need to re-evaluate your life, you and everything that is relevant to your existence. I'm just a passive observer observing all these people my age living their life and it's not a secret that I'm incredibly judgmental but I honestly think I critic constructively.

It's not out of hate, it's out of pure concern.

Peace out.


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