Things I don't get about humans

There's two completely absurd things that I just don't understand about we humans. About my own kind.

1) Censorship. Whenever someone swears on television, they get beeped. Why? It's literally a mere word. I mean, it's a word that has bad meaning behind it but it won't physically harm you. And if it is because the meaning of the word is harsh/mean/rude, why isn't "ugly" or "fat" censored? Calling something ugly or fat is more hurtful than saying fuck. So tell me now, why is censorship even necessary? We all know that person said something bad, we judge them and we move on. It doesn't affect us at all. Calling people names - to kill their self esteem - now that, needs to be censored. But we don't have them now, do we?

2) Perceptions. Why is it a good thing to raise your thumb to humans but a bad thing to raise your middle finger to them? Both fingers are mere extensions from your hand. Like who suddenly woke up and label these fingers rude, mean, good, nice etc? IT'S ALL FINGERS OK. So, you're telling me I can raise any finger I want to you, ANY AT ALL, just not the middle one? Odd.

I don't even know why we have these kind of perceptions, it's so unnecessary and it's bugging me out. 


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