Practice what you preach.

Dear loved one,

I have my utmost respect, love and care for you and I look up to you so much that every move you make is like a breath of fresh inspiration for me. You place a golden place in my heart, one that I swear will never ever be replaced by whomever nor whatever. Literally speaking, I can imagine myself willingly taking a bullet for you because if you die, the pain of having to live without you is more torturous than taking a bullet.

But why...

Why do you say these things to me? Why do you lower down my self-esteem so much and why do put out any ray of hope for me? Is it because you can't tell that I feel this way for you? Is it because you think I could do better in showing my emotions? You present yourself as someone with such intelligence yet when it comes to understanding someone you've known, taught and been with for what feels like a millennium - you fail, miserably.
Listen. Please.. just... listen to my words. Listen to what I have to say and for once in my 17 years of living, try not to misunderstand me. No, not from you.
For someone who has drilled it into my head to always "listen to what others have to say, try your hardest to understand and respond in a courteous and respectable way that will make you and the other party understand", you have never shown any of this in your day to day practices.
Whenever I say something that is out of your favor, you raise your voice, you pick on my personal flaws, bring up my mistakes in the past, say that I MIGHT do some bad things and sometimes you even phrase them into a wish - A curse, more like it.

Till when? When are you going to practice what you preach and stop making me feel like I'm not worthy of a valid statement?


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