dude, chill out.

I always try and keep a positive outlook on things, sometimes my optimism is ridiculous. I always believe that there's a solution for everything and nothing's a dead end, everything will be okay in the end. Well you know what, my eyes are getting wider and more things are starting to sink in in me. Sometimes you will face a situation that won't offer you a way out but there's an alternative to it - you gotta shake it out. Hug it out. shout it out. do whatever the hell you want to just leave the matter there, unresolved. If there is a solution for it, sure, go for it. but i realize that the best thing to do when you can't really think of a way to, for example, win back your lover, make up with your friend, mend your broken heart and whatsoever, is to just leave it at that and like, idk, just stop thinking about it really??? this sounds very impractical, it probably is but I'm just sharing what I've learned from past experience that "hardwork", or "kindness" or "interventions" "proper talk" "confrontations" - they're just pointless and eventually, a pile of crap. Just leave the issue alone, move on to other things, stop devoting your thoughts to the subject and if it's bothering you like a stain then rinse it off. In other words, laugh it off; brush it off.
If the issue/problem revisits you then this is where your self-control plays its role. You gotta take a moment to really let the thought sink in, the thought that you have to stop thinking about it. You have to get over whatever it is that's bugging you. Go stuff your face with junk food, go watch ellen or some funny stuff on youtube, go talk to a friend, go read a book, go workout, go fall asleep listening to your favorite music, go pray. Whatever that will take your mind off of it. It'll soon become a habit of yours to "brush off" the subject that in the future, even when the issue does revisit you, it'll probably appear as such a negligible thing.

long story short, chill out and calm your tits homo.


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