She's not me.

No worries, my title has no link what so ever to my emotions, my thoughts or this post in general. It's just my current favorite song and the chorus keeps repeating "she's not me" in the most beautiful way possible so it's stuck in my head, hence the title.

I haven't written in so long and the mood to write just struck me eventhough nothing bizarre is going on in my life right now. I just have a few thoughts here and there, some that I harbored over the past few weeks. These things generally revolve around the issue of insecure girls.
I just cannot. The word "insecure" has been overused so many times by so many girls that many are getting the smallest things mistaken with "insecurity". I mean yes insecurity is a normal feeling and I'd be lying to you if I said I've never been insecure, of course I have but really tho, how long are you gonna feel sorry for yourself? How long are you gonna yearn for someone else's beauty and condemn your own? I really wish I was somehow related to all these insecure girls on my twitter timeline so I can embed one thing in their head. Everyone's beautiful. I'm not being typical, I'm not being generic and I'm positive that I'm not lying. I've met so many girls that didn't come across as being pretty at first, but once I got to know them more and more, they somehow became one of the most beautiful people I've ever met.
I think most girls are so hooked on the idea of conventional beauty. Of course you're ugly if you the only concept of beauty you believe in is "conventional beauty". You weren't born to fit in the society's term of beauty, you were born to stand out. If only each and every one of you believed in that.
If only you'd stop counting your flaws and start embracing your strengths. Not all beauty will translate to looks. It may be in your personality, it may be in the way you make other people feel when they're around you, it may be in your scent, it may be in your knowledge - that's why everyone's beautiful, because everyone has strengths. You're not human if you don't have strengths. We were wired to acquire our own strengths and weaknesses but we were definitely not wired to unleash more of our weaknesses.

Again, insecure is a normal feeling. Obviously there will be times where you wished you were better, prettier, taller or whatever. But my point is, don't let that define you. Don't let it justify why you're missing out on life and why you're passing up opportunities. Just, love yourself, will you? Because if you don't, how the hell will anyone love you?


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