I have always been a sucker for either fashion or "pretty" things. When I was younger, I thought I will sooner or later go through that phase where my intuition is able to guide me to dressing up fashionably or with some edginess - but I'm seventeen and I still dress up like a moth when most people my age are dolled up like a butterfly.
It's unfair to say that I have no tried, I have. Sometimes I try to mix and match what I already have in my closet but that doesn't seem to work out. Sometimes I try to play with some accessories but I either look too simple or simply over the top. And when I shop, I try to buy a head-to-toe outfit and mentally pair it up with my other clothing that I already have but nothing ever seems to hang quite right on me.
I begin to think about this even more frequent now that I watch "How do I look" - a realty tv show about setting people up for a fashion intervention. What influenced me the most is that mini heart changing speech they give when they're trying to talk someone into doing a makeover. They emphasize on the importance of "self image" and how there's a special technique on how to splash what's on the inside onto what we wear. Some also say that fashion is a non-verbal form of communication; that what we wear is able to reach out to people and drop hints regarding what kind of person we are. Although I make it sound like it's a pile of crap, the people who originally said it, paired with the witness of the makeover transformation, have done enough to rattle my cage.
I guess fashion just isn't my area of expertise. Just isn't my forte. I guess I just have to wing my simple Jane look and hope at the very least, that how I dress up so far isn't a crime against fashion.


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