She is luckier than most, but she deems to be the saddest.
She tells people to be grateful of what they have, because she doesn't know what it feels to lose.
Out of nowhere her heart darkens, all the light is dimmed.
There is happiness in her heart, but it seems to stay in the past.
What was good once in her life didn't live on,
So she wondered why bother seeking any good in life only to end up where she started.

For some people, walls were closing in.
For her, walls were growing further and further away.
Day by day, she is left with a bigger space than before.
Empty, yet desperate space.
She wonders what she should do with this space.
To fill it; but with what?
Anticipation? Events? People?
Circulating around this question, she fell dizzy, and fell to the cold hard ground.
And then she felt a familiar pain. The cold hard ground.
She felt this pain before. It drew her in, so she stayed stuck to it.
Then as the coldness started to permeate her soul,
Her soul wanders before it catches the flu
To where? Around that empty house again.

Now her soul is exhausted of finding shelter,
Her only shelter is, afterall, that shell on the ground.
Slowly but surely she slithered in her body, finding it difficult settle in
Then there it was, a feeling she feared she might feel,

Lonely. Forgotten. Replaced.

It's been long since she felt this, because when the feelings were absent,
She beckoned it to come to her,
By complaining by embodying ungratefulness
Now that it's here,
Her unsatisfaction is put to a stop.
This soul now is seeking revenge for one thing one thing only,
the devil of selfishness.


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