What you say & how you say it.

That's why they say, think before you speak. It's not so much about the content, because without thinking, we naturally know what we're about to say. The thinking dictates how you say it. I can't tell you how many knowledge, infos, good advises I've missed out on due to the poor deliverance. If you really want to make a point, then god damn it, make sure it's a hella sharp point. Don't just say it, mould it in a way that will be received and accepted in the way you want it to be received and accepted. This isn't a case of people being manipulative or people sugercoating stuff, it is simply to deliver the message well. If you wanna be a second hand hipster and say "it's not about what others think, it's about what I think" then go ahead and OH WHILE YOU'RE AT IT have fun building squares around your neighborhood while the rest of us are building circles where people can actually join us. I am so sick and tired of thinking in hindsight, all the great life lessons I failed to absorb because the person conveying the message said it such a degrading and douchey way that makes my naturally sensitive brain reject the information given. 
And that's when the case of constructive criticism and destructive criticism comes in; most people these days criticize other people not so they can change the bad into good but for other bad intentions. It could be to hurt the other person, to embarrass the other person or to simply make themselves feel as if they are above everyone else. HA, news splash. If you destructively criticize someone, it makes you look so incredibly bad. I just lose all my respect for people like this. So if you think you're embarrassing the other person by pointing our their flaws, think again; you might just be shooting yourself in the foot. 
So to my friends or anyone related to me or potentially will be related to me, if you feel the need to comment on my bad side or my bad habits - please, i welcome you, the door is wide open. Just, please deliver it in a way that'll actually make me believe that this is for the better, and not another case of a hater? That'll be much appreciated. 



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